Analyses and simulations of structural parts in a design is nowadays used extensively in order to e.g. decrease the number of prototype builds and physical testing. With FEA, complex structures, materials and load cases can be evaluated against the required performance or endurance of the final product. Preferable, the analyses are carried out early in the projects to avoid expensive prototypes and testing. With multi-body simulations, loads and load cases can be extracted for e.g. fatigue analysis of a component. Simulation is a powerful tool for increasing the understanding of a specific component/product and is also often used in root cause failure analyses.

We have a long and substantial experience of FE-simulations of structural components within heavy vehicle, automotive, aerospace, energy and consumer products.Tasks like fatigue analyses of metallic components and welds, impact and crash, composites and dynamic analyses of viscoelastic materials are on a daily basis.

We have competence and access to the most frequently used softwares, implicit as explicit solvers.