Our competence within simulation is focused on structure, fluids and multi-physics, We have experience from numerous branches, including heavy vehicles, furnitures, automotive, railway vehicles, aerospace, telecommunication, nuclear power plants and consumer products in general.

We see simulations as a tool for designers and project managers to decrease the lead time of the projects, decrease the cost and also increase the confidence and understanding of the final product.

We have experience from most of the commercial softwares, implicit as explicit code. We also have long experience in technical project management and leadership.

The foundation of the business is composed by three mainstays:

  1. A high technical competence that is based on high educational level with focus on analytical knowledge combined with industrial experience.
  2. A pronounced skill in communication and co-operation. Acting with flexibility and respect for other people.
  3. Go-ahead, goal oriented, responsible and strictness.


We use the latest and state-of-the-art software within every discipline. E.g. ANSYS, ABAQUS, LS-Dyna, Hyperworks, COMSOL, MATLAB and SAP2000. We also have experience in other frequently used software, as ANSA, NASTRAN and DIANA.

We perform simulations and analyses within the following areas